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About us

Aalberts Industries, founded in 1975 and listed on the stock exchange since March 1987, is an internationally active specialist in industrial products, systems and processes with high-quality technical knowledge. The company develops solutions for diverse customer needs, divided into the group activities Industrial Services and Flow Control.



Aalberts Industries belongs to the global market leaders and is continually seeking new opportunities that will lead to sustainable and profitable growth, both organically and via acquisitions. Industrial Services and Flow Control each have their own characteristics in market development and strategic approach. However, for both group activities, customers are concentrating ever increasingly on suppliers who have proven themselves as reliable and innovative partners. Aalberts Industries responds to this development as a financially solid, flexible and technically high-quality specialist. A great amount of on-going attention is placed on innovation of products, processes and systems, and cooperation with customers. There is also a clearly recognisable trend which is moving from a desire for individual products and components to a need for integrated systems on the one hand, and for complete product packages on the other. To meet both these needs, Aalberts Industries cooperates closely with customers, who also reap the benefits of a continuous strengthening of internal cooperation. The sharing of knowledge, expertise, and sales and distribution channels among the group companies leads to higher added-value for the customer and to increased efficiency and new options for further growth for Aalberts Industries, as well as higher added-value.


Employees and organisation

Approximately 12,000 employees work for Aalberts Industries, distributed over more than 150 group companies in over 30 countries. The company has a flat organisational structure. The group companies have the main responsibility for their day-to-day operations, in which the strategy is determined together with the holding company. This approach leads to an enterprising culture in which there is continual work on the innovation of products and an active market approach. Mutual knowledge sharing, exchange of technology, using each other’s sales and distribution channels, and joint product development (best practice) contribute to progressive product innovation and expansion of the product portfolio.

Company brochure

Company brochure



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September 12, 2014

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Aalberts Industries: organic revenue +5%, net profit +9% and earnings per share +8%

August 14, 2014

Headlines 1st half year 2014: